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This is your chance to work with Dr. Heather who has already helped thousands of runners, cyclists, triathletes, female weight lifters and skiers who wanted to learn how to SAFELY return to activity and achieve their optimal performance without leaving the comfort of their own home.

22 plus years as a sports chiropractor in Connecticut

Clinic Excellence Award Recipient

Background in Sports Medicine/Athletic Training

Health & Fitness Expert for over 25 years

Author, Speaker & Influencer

My mission is to help you achieve Optimal Performance & Function!

Dr. Heather is a virtual chiropractor who has been helping people become pain-free naturally for years. Her approach goes beyond the traditional spinal adjustment and focuses on corrective exercise and rehabilitation techniques specific to each individual’s condition. She has a 98% success rate with individuals who are serious about becoming pain-free and has helped thousands of people internationally in under a 3-week period.

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Jenny from Tennessee

"People always try to tell you why they are the ‘best’ but I was blown away by Heather. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable about the human body but she was able to teach me how my particular body type needed a special training routine to fix the underlying issues. I would recommend her to anyone who is struggling with any type of pain."

Sam from Australia

"I came across one of Heather's free content posts in a Mutual group we are in and I decided to reached out to her. I booked in to get an online assessment with her and ever since our first appointment, I’ve been very impressed with her knowledge, professionalism and experience with what she is talking about and her ability to pin point all my flaws through a video camera..... incredible."

Shannon from Minnesota

"I’ve been dealing with Achilles/Plantar Fasciitis for over 10 months. After reaching out to me on a FB group page, Heather and I met over Zoom and she discovered it was my lower back causing my symptoms!!
Who would have thought that in 3 weeks she would have me running again with no pain!!"

Online Coaching Services

Doctor On Call 12 mo Membership Program

This membership program allows you to have monthly access to Dr. Heather. Here she will review your training programs, go over test results, address any recent aches & pains or injuries, you'll receive tricks & tips to staying pain free, and so much more.

Virtual 3 wk Sports Chiropractic Program

This virtual program is designed around assessing your dysfunctional movement patterns which may in fact be creating pain symptoms. Dr. Heather has a 98% success rate in helping people become pain free in under a 3 week period.

Optimal Performance Training Program

For runners who want to achieve their optimal performance then this 4 month training is perfect for you. Dr. Heather will help you achieve your ultimate goal with this in depth program which combines strength, nutrition & injury prevention

5 Bonus Exercises Inside 👇

Fill out below to grab Dr. Heather's free EBOOK, “The Secret to Eliminating Low Back Pain,”
and learn how to say GOODBYE to back pain!

Most people suffer from some form of low back pain or discomfort. It is the number one complaint of people of all ages, regardless of their fitness condition. Athletes as well as non-exercisers are susceptible to low back pain. Those who feel excruciating and debilitating low back pain after an injury or after a slight movement or twist wonder if they will ever live pain free. The question becomes: "What can be done to alleviate the pain so people can enjoy the functional and recreational activities they experienced in the past?" Dr. Heather has gone ahead and solved this problem for thousands of her patients by teaching them how to engage their core through a specific series of exercises.

There are five basic core exercises within the book which have proven to eliminate low back pain when done correctly. These five exercises will give you the pain relief you have been looking for. No equipment required for these exercises. They can be done in the comfort of your own home. And Dr. Heather explains how to progress each exercise so you can advance them when you are ready.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Learn how to live PAIN FREE Today!

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