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Myofascial Release Course

This course, Myofascial Release - A Closer Look, will give you all the tools you need to break up the tissue/muscles which will help increase flexibility and mobility.  The videos in this course will walk you step by step in how to successfully use a foam roller and/or a massage ball. Dr. Heather guides you, she educates you and shows you how to do all that and more. 

A simple, easy program that requires minimal time.  A program you can do from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace.  Minimal equipment is required ie. a foam roller or massage ball.  

So if you are ready to get back to your optimal performance through some soft tissue release then click the button to the right of the screen.  


Who Is This For? 

✓ Runners (Beginner, Novice, Ultra, Marathon & Half Marathon)

✓ Triathletes 

✓ Cyclists

✓ Crossfitters and Weight Lifters

✓ Skiers and Snowboarders 

✓ Tennis Players 

✓ Soccer Players

✓ Any athlete (really) 

✓ Someone who still experiencing chronic pain symptoms 

✓ Someone who is transitioning from Physical Therapy back to the gym or working out at home 


Want more details?

✓  Lessons on anatomy covering each section of the body 

✓  Videos that show you how to properly do myofascial release to the various areas of the body

✓ Additional videos recommendations to help you further

✓ Access to Dr. Heather’s E-Book 

✓ A Free Video Consultation with Dr. Heather

What People Are Saying:

I met Dr. Heather at a race three years ago. She was the first person to address my leg pain with something more than basic stretches. I called for a consultation and never looked back. Within a month or so I was running pain free. I continue to work with her on mobility/flexibility. Her one on one attention and understanding of her clients goals and current ability makes her stand out. Hands down, I’d recommend Dr. Heather

Lisa from Connecticut

Where do I even begin with Dr Heather? First off, she has gone above and beyond my expectations of someone helping me on my journey to improve myself. I've been working with Dr Heather now for almost a year and the most important thing about my relationship is that I feel she genuinely cares and wants me to be the best I can be. No matter the topic, she's a wealth of knowledge from her medical expertise to her personal experience and is happy to help. Specifically, she very quickly identified where some of my long term pains were and how I could naturally fix them through exercise and stretches (from the comfort of my own home through virtual training). I then referred my wife who was having years of constant pains and to her disbelief, had her pains alleviated in only a week. We're both super happy and strongly recommend connecting with Dr Heather for a consultation to see if she can help!

Kevin from New York

1 year ago (December 2020) I was in daily pain and 100% desperate. Every morning that first step out of bed KILLED. My feet / plantar fasciitis was making me so depressed because I just couldn’t find a solution. My doctor put me on a few rounds of steroids, which helped temporarily but I still couldn’t run at all and walking hurt. Until one night, on Facebook, I found Dr. Heather. I was a little hesitant but desperate. She offered a free consultation and I figured I had nothing to lose. I reached out to Heather on a Saturday and we had a virtual meeting that Sunday night. Right from the start I liked Dr. Heather. She wasn’t pushy. I felt no obligation. After 5 minutes of her reviewing a few things with me she knew 100% what was going on. I was shocked. It was like I was talking to someone who had the exact same issues and knew exactly how I was feeling. I signed on with her immediately and within a week started to feel better. Fast forward 2 months, I started running again. I went from barley walking, spending a TON of money on different shoes, lotions, potions, pills, etc.…. to running again. I am an avid runner. From 10ks, marathons, 50ks, trail runs, you name it. I really thought my running life was over. I did everything Heather said and recovered. After my 3 months with Heather was done, I signed on to keep working with Dr. Heather on my fitness and overall health, wellness and goals. I’ve come so far. Have gotten stronger, not only physically but more importantly, mentally. Heather listens. She’s knowledgeable. She knows who I am. She remembers. She cares. I trust her. Lastly…. I ran a half marathon after a few weeks ago. FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER not only broke a sub-2 hour but a 1:54. I was shocked. Thank you Dr. Heather!

Jeanne from Chicago

Running is one of the things I love doing but I needed help getting strong in order to enjoy this sport. My IT band needed work big time so I sought for Dr. Gansel’s help. Her patience and guidance helped me improve greatly! I ran my first half marathon a day ago and I felt my legs taking me through it without much effort and pain. I totally needed strong legs and glutes! 🙂 Thanks Dr. Gansel!

Joy from Idaho