The Secret to Eliminating Low Back Pain


This course, the secret to eliminating low back pain, will give you all the tools you need to become pain free.  The videos in this course will walk you step by step in eliminating your low back pain. Dr. Heather guides you, she educates you and shows you how to feel pain free. 

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Does This Sound Like You? 🤔


👉 Feeling frustrated by the pain or discomfort you are experiencing 

👉 Not understanding WHY the pain or discomfort keeps coming back

👉 Feel like you have tried everything under the moon but nothing seems to be working

👉 Wanting to get back to exercise but afraid your back will flare up the minute you begin to exercise again

👉 Feeling like you will have back pain or discomfort FOREVER

You’re In The Right Place 👋

This is for YOU!

Dr. Heather created this course thanks to everyone who began working from home when the “LOCKDOWNS” were first put into place in response to the Pandemic.  The increase in musculoskeletal complaints began to rise because no one had the correct ergonomic set up at home.  


👉 This course gives YOU a basic understanding of anatomy & physiology 

👉 This course will help YOU understand WHY your back pain or discomfort keeps recurring

👉 This course gives YOU simple TOOLS to make your back pain disappear FOREVER

👉 This course walks you STEP by STEP through a proven process to eliminate your back pain

👉 Everything in this course has been PROVEN by Dr. Heather’s 20 years of private practice experience


The Secret to Eliminating Low Back Pain


 Inside this course you will find:

💥 Educational videos which goes over basic Anatomy & Physiology

💥 An in-depth look at WHY your back pain keeps coming back

💥 A step by step PROVEN approach to eliminating your back pain FOREVER 

💥 Additional tricks, tips and tools to relieve any pain or discomfort you may be experiencing 

💥 Additional resources & videos to help you with specific conditions or ailments 


💥 Free Video Consult w/Dr. Heather - Valued at $400

💥 Dr. Heather's E-Book on the Secret to Eliminating Low Back Pain

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How Will Purchasing The Secret To Eliminating Back Pain Course Help You?

This course is for you if you want:



We have taken the guess work out for you.  Dr. Heather teaches you basic Anatomy & Physiology as well as each section has a 2-3 min core exercise designed to help eliminate your back pain forever. 

Time Saved

No need to be searching the internet or YouTube for the answers.  We made it simple, easy & quick for you by maximizing your time with each core exercise.  


Decrease Overwhelm

We recognize that some courses can provide "too much" information making it impossible to know where to start.  Dr. Heather walks you step by step through the entire process. 

Meet Your Virtual Sports Chiropractor

I was in eighth grade. It was during one of my softball games. I will ever forget that day because of the intense pain I left with from the field. Radiating pain down both my legs. I could barely walk. I thought I would never play again the pain was so bad. I didn't want to go to the hospital. I didn't want to have to take drugs or medications for the rest of my life. I wanted someone to help me. I wanted the help fast.

Then something happened that would change everything...

My mom brought me to see the chiropractor she had been going to. This was my very first experience with a chiropractor. I mean I had watched my mom get treated several times but never once was I the patient until now. He explained to me that he incorporated Kinesiology into his diagnostic skills to help him figure out what muscles and nerves were being the most affected. It was the way he explained the body. The muscles. The nerves. How it was all connected. I was amazed.

Now I'm a sports chiropractor helping people feel better and returning them to activity without hesitation or fear that their injury will come back. Having that experience at such an early age had a profound effect on me. It made me take my passion for art, sport and science and bring them together. I wanted to do what he did for me, for others.

I'm doing this because I am passionate about helping people. I am a firm believer that our bodies can heal themselves. Now don't get me wrong there is a time and place for traditional medicine, science and intervention. But a majority of our pain symptoms can be fixed naturally. If we can understand how our bodies work, the physiology and then we can begin to understand how to heal our bodies.



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What Is Included In The Secret To Eliminating Low Back Pain Course? 👇

Here is exactly what's inside:


Anatomy & Physiology 101 along with fully understanding WHY your pain keeps recurring.  All designed to help you finally get the pain relief you have been searching for!

Core Exercises

Static and Dynamic exercises to help you become pain free.  Over 30 exercises all designed to get your core strong.  *Some exercises will require a therapy ball and/or a BOSU*

Bonus Video

Extra bonus video to help you create a proper home office. 

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"Heather reached out to me from a post I made in a running group. Without any guarantee of my business, she actively reached out and wanted to help me, she took the time to do a facetime call with me and listen to my issues. She described what was going on in such a way that was easy for me to understand why I was getting injured and provided the proper exercises, videos, PDFs with anything and everything I need in a timely fashion! 
Without ever meeting me in person (thanks covid) she was able to help me!" 

Chris, Photographer 

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It's a simple, easy program that requires minimal time.  A program you can do from the comfort of your own home.  Minimal equipment is required ie. an exercise ball and/or a BOSU.  So if you are ready to finally feel pain free then click the button at the bottom of the screen.


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