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This membership program allows you to have monthly access to me, Dr. Heather.   Review your training programs, nutrition plans, test results, go over any recent aches & pains or injuries, receive tricks & tips to staying pain free, and so much more.   
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Afsune from London

In London, Chiropractors practices were closed during the covid-19 outbreak and I was desperate for some help with a running injury.  And although we’re in different continents and time zones, Heather was incredible at working with me on video calls, daily chats and constant communication to help me. She is compassionate, accommodating and extremely good at helping you understand how your body works. With a few weeks of daily exercise, stretching and education from Heather I have been able to continue doing the sport I love. She really put me through my paces, waking up muscles I didn’t know I had! I couldn’t be more grateful for her help.

Mark from South Carolina

I first started working with Heather after a series of injuries affected my ability to work out and stay fit. Heather took time to interview me, to better understand where I was and wanted to go on my fitness journey. She performed a detailed fitness assessment, quickly identified where I had be compensating for atrophied muscle groups, and developed a custom-made series of workouts to challenge me. We tracked progress towards my goals and she’d always changed things up to keep it fresh. When something was too difficult, given my limitations or injuries, Heather would modify the movements to still be challenging but achievable. Heather gave excellent one-on-one attention during our sessions and assigned me ‘homework’ exercises to further round-out my fitness. Heather’s an engaging fitness and health professional. Her attitude is infectious and I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with her . . . even though they were always very challenging. I wholeheartedly recommend Heather to anyone looking to improve their physical fitness and mental toughness. She’s awesome!

Diana from Colorado

I wanted to start out by saying that connecting with Heather has been a game changer for me! 

I tore my left ACL in October 2019 during a taekwon-do testing and subsequently had surgery in December 2019. I am also a runner who has battled chronic knee pain in my right knee for the last 6 years with no viable solutions in sight. While scrolling through a running group I'm in on Facebook, I found a post of her's about knee pain. Intrigued, I clicked on the post and responded. I was very impressed with her knowledge base and decided to connect with her for an evaluation. 
We connected via Facebook Messenger for our initial evaluation. Once again I was amazed at her knowledge base, and her ability to pick up on the areas that I needed help with--no small feat when doing an evaluation over video!!! It was the knowledge base, and the fact that I was looking for someone to help me return to both running and taekwon-do (past what my PT was doing for me) that convinced me to sign on to the program. I saw value in what she had to offer! 
I have been working with Heather since July 2020. Since beginning the program I have noticed an increase in strength in my weak areas (my PT found weakness in my glutes and hamstrings, which 4 weeks after starting the program was drastically improved!). I have also noticed a gait change in my running, and no knee pain in my right knee while running! We are moving forward with returning to taekwon-do. I love how she tailors my workouts to my goals, as well as my life changes---there has been a hiccup or two---without missing a beat! I appreciate the videos that help me walk through my exercises, and the changes in workout plans as my needs change. All of this has helped me get stronger, and move me closer to competition!  

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Who Is Dr. Heather?

Dr. Heather Gansel is a neuromusculoskeletal practitioner specializing in proper spinal/articular alignment, muscle imbalances and soft tissue injuries. As a Doctor of Chiropractic with almost 20 years of experience, Heather has concentrated on athletic training/ sports medicine. Licensed in Connecticut, Heather has measurably expanded her family-oriented Head-To-Toe Chiropractic practice, and become an even more active consultant and speaker in the Tri-State area over the last several years in addition to her continuing local volunteer work with schools and nonprofits.

Thanks to the rise of the Pandemic, Dr. Gansel has also been able to provide continuous care for many patients via her telehealth platform. Dr. Gansel constructed a 3 week Sports Chiropractic Telehealth Program which has been able to help thousands of people globally in becoming pain free. By using various digital platforms patients are able to use her treatment protocols which are customized to each individual.

Dr. Gansel’s coaching approach is strongly informed by her targeted research and personal experiences in striving to use exercise to enhance stamina. She has purposefully had long experience working with other medical professionals to address the needs of frail elderly patients and youth dealing with physical limitations and/or mental/emotional rehabilitation issues and physical education needs.

Having redesigned the Keene State Women’s Basketball pre-, post-, and in-season training program, Dr. Gansel also developed training programs for the local high school and collegiate swimmers. She has treated and assisted with the sport-specific training of equestrians, ballerinas, lacrosse and soccer players (including the Connecticut Women’s Soccer League), and marathoners as well as athletes who sole goal is striving to function at optimal health and performance levels.

A board member Kids in Crisis, Heather has personally trained all of the fundraising tri-athletes for the annual Kids in Crisis Triathlon for years.

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